Hunting for Pleiades - The Modergrade Охота на Плеяды
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The Modergrade — Hunting for Pleiades — download

Hunting for Pleiades The Modergrade
The Modergrade
Hunting for Pleiades
Post-Rock, Indietronica
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"These tricky stars constantly escape!" - Oven thought. She has been adjusting her butterfly net - it wounded tightly onto the ring and tangled, - and preparing for a new stroke. And here they are approaching again. "Whew!" - the net whistled, rounding arc. Miss... Somehow, Oven was believed that catching and swallowing the star of the Pleiades could gain her the soul. She really wanted to, because she was an ordinary robot-cook, though with an amazing zest for life and learning. "Maybe another time..." - Oven was thinking, going home in the dim light of the Moon.

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Posted by USC on 21 September 2013
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